Meet Dr. Lamarr Spencer

In therapy, you are limited to only talking through issues. Many therapists do not have any experimental tools to offer. As a Certified Relationship Coach and Life Alignment Strategist, I can map out a new route to clarity, a more productive and less stressful workday, and a more gratifying life outside of it. By doing this, I will provide tactical practices and the needed tools to intensify intimacy and attachment.

I have a Ph.D. in business management and over 20 years of professional business experience. I have successfully helped clients navigate the stress associated with balancing their careers and struggling relationships. I have helped clients overcome challenging dynamics in their relationships by providing tools that help repair their relationships during difficult times. In addition, I have helped many clients develop plans to achieve their goals. With my professional and personal experiences, I can help you focus on issues in your life and or at work, decreasing your levels of stress and helping you develop a path toward reaching your achievement and successful goals.




Inspired by personal and professional life experiences, I offer my expertise as a life coach and business professional. Using a theoretical foundation of transformational leadership in the workforce as a basis for my coaching style, I look forward to helping you succeed in life. I have a passion for coaching and assisting others in succeeding. Your personal growth is a reflection of my success as a life coach.

Want to focus on your profession? Do you need help balancing your life to have more time with your family, friends, or loved ones? Let me help you reorganize and re-design your life. I offer private services in areas such as finding a healthy balance between work and life, career goals, work performance, leadership goals, work productivity, management styles, and, most importantly, identifying your strengths and weaknesses to help you find your purpose. There is no one size fits all approach to coaching. Through conversations and building trust, I can help tailor a coaching session that will focus on your needs and aspirations.


Life is great when all employees can work well together. A sense of belonging to a team promotes productivity and reduces work-related stress. How are you addressing the needs of your employees in building a positive work environment?

With years of professional experience in various businesses and organizations, I have had the opportunity to investigate the root causes of stress and help organisational leaders. Let me help you improve team productivity and morale through services such as professional development designed to identify root causes of unbalanced employees.

Your organization’s revised vision and mission statement can be developed by identifying your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. I also offer advice on how to strengthen each employee’s contributions, which can provide support for positive growth and organisational development. Let me help you achieve your organisational goals.