Single Parenting and Obtaining Work Life Balance

Single parenting isn’t easy. If you’re a single parent, it can be rewarding but it can be downright overwhelming. There’s probably a lot of anxiety in terms of stress and these sorts of things. Essentially, you’re in survival mode. Without a doubt, work-life balance requires deliberate action.

A national survey of parents with children under the age of ten found that single parents with young children are more likely to fall short managing their time between work and family. So, what can you do if you’re running the show on your own?

That’s where I come in. I’d suggest go back to the basics or join a coaching program; however, you can start with these simple tasks:

  1. Get a little Me Time- Handling everything from working full-time to raising kids is going to take a toll on you. Everyone needs a little me time now and then. Remember there is nothing selfish about taking time out for yourself even if you’re a single parent.
  2. Connect with other single parents- here are chances of other parents in the same boat as you. Reach out to them and extend a hand of hanging out. Exchange ideas and maybe even divide certain chores like carpooling kids to activities or having play dates. You could take turns to look after the children and have some alone time to yourself.
  3. Seeking help from friends and family- Managing everything single-handedly sounds glorious but it may not be practical to do everything on your own. If you have young kids, you need to be at several places at once which is just not possible, let’s face it. Ask your family and friends for help to manage your children when you’re away at work.
  4. Obtain a support system- Always having someone around to lean on and help with the kids is very comforting. What do you do when you don’t have this anymore? The first thing to remember is that you’re not alone. You always have a support system. Even though you may be working full time and independently raising children, you could still require support.

The above list is just a start. I’d suggest setting up a 30-minute FREE session with me to discuss creating an actionable plan so that you’re not missing your kid’s soccer games, concerts, or a family event. The most important thing is having downtime for yourself.

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