Frequently Asked Questions

Just like any other introductory conversation, we will learn about each other and how we can best work together. No pressure and the focus would be on how to build your Life Alignment Strategy.

That is entirely up to your goals! We can meet as little as once a month or as frequent as multiple times a week. I want your sessions to provide your life more alignment, not stress.

Typically, coaches focus on one area of your life. I prefer to provide a wholistic approach to aligning your professional, personal and individual lives.

You are the inventor and creator of your practice toward your full potential and fulfillment of your goals. As a Life Alignment Strategist, I don’t pathologize your symptoms or indoctrinate you into a framework that undervalues your uniqueness. Instead of deferring to clinical conventions, my program honors you as the master of your journey.

My program affirms bravery and recognizes that your best resolutions exist inside of you.